Posted by: Christine | April 25, 2009

A list of aspirations

To answer Todd’s question, an extensive list of my hopes and dreams.  Some of these are foreseeable events, some are far-flung daydreams.  Please forgive my lax grammar – you may attribute it to my list mentality in this entry.  In no particular order…

  • Visit Italy, preferably for a number of months, preferably in a living situation (as opposed to tourist situation), including major cities and the Vatican, and much time in the countryside and in Sicily.  Possibility for pilgrimages to important religious, historical, and artistic sites as well, including places related to St. Gianna.
  • Visit the rest of Europe, including, but not limited to: Ireland, Spain, Czech Republic, England, France, possibly Balkans as well.
  • Live in a happy marriage, with openness and understanding, with any arguing being of a healthy nature.  Enjoy each other’s company and appreciate each other in many ways, including intellectually.  Share hobbies, travel,  and attempts at physical fitness.  Share faith together meaningfully.
  • Live in the countryside, or other sparsely-populated region, in a simple country (or seaside, etc)  home.  Preferably decorate it myself and even do painting and other restoration myself (and with hubby hopefully) – a la “Under the Tuscan Sun” rustic homes.  Preferably living more sustainably and in tune with nature than currently.
  • Become a mother, one that is competent, loving, and hopefully supportive just the right amount.   Hopefully have good relationship with children, (both natural and/or adopted), with mutual respect.  Faith shared as a family.
  • Learn to speak another language – as fluently as I am capable of.
  • Be satisfied in a meaningful vocation before hopeful vocation of motherhood begins.  Utilize intellectual and compassionate capacities for career/vocation/calling/whatever-you-want-to-call-it.
  • Help others, leave a mark on the world.  Make the world even just a little more just.
  • Work abroad.  Italy thing again…
  • Learn a special hobby – gardening, scrapbooking, watercolor painting – especially after retirement.
  • Die peacefully. Preferably not from acid, drowning, gunshot, painful worldwide plague disease, nuclear after-effects, or other slow and/or painful events. (Yes, I actually think about such things)


  1. Also in no particular order, I forgot to include:
    Learn to dance (ballroom and latin)

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