Posted by: Christine | March 1, 2010

Enough of Dante’s Peak

Thanks to a family that missed out on it in the 90’s and the advent of the Tivo, I found myself (yet again) sitting in front of the tv, witnessing the inevitable progression of events that leaves everything settled out all rather predictably.  So, I thought it would be interesting to enumerate the reasons why I won’t be rewatching Dante’s Peak anytime soon:

6. I guided my most poorly behaved Physical Science class through its science concepts in 2008. (’nuff said?)

5. The water shaking in the glass was stolen from Jurassic Park, a far superior action film.  (And it had Richard Attenborough, which makes it classier, too)

4. Within the first five minutes of the science team arriving in Dante’s Peak, I could guess with 96% accuracy which minor characters would be victims of the volcano’s seismic wrath.

3. There’s no room in a disaster movie for a romantic side story that is hardly worth a paragraph.

2. After you see Grandma Ruth selflessly die from the acid lake five times, it starts to get funny.

1. I’m plenty afraid of natural disasters, thanks to news and movies.  The last thing I need is to fear the Rocky Mountains.  Now I have to cross it off of my possible relocation master list.  This region has now gone to the wayside, along with


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