Posted by: Christine | May 25, 2010

Defend Your Driving – Part 1

Yessss!  I finally got to put my two-cents in!  The instructor agreed with me: “if you’re going slow, just stay in the rightmost lane. ” Huzzzzah!

All evening, he’s gone by the book, not nearly the same as the cop who moonlighted in the class I took a few years back.  Last time, the instructor even gave us tips for how to avoid getting pulled over while still getting to speed.  I wish I had him in class now, so he could explain to me how I could have kept from getting a speeding ticket from the highway patrolman last month.

The worst part is that everyone else in the class is going along with this guy and his droning.  It’s like they’re interested in it.  I feel more like a teen now than I ever did in high school.

One useful moment from the class: how to steer out of a skid (If you have anti-lock brakes, keep your foot firmly on the brakes, and steer where you want to go, away from other cars.)


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