Posted by: Christine | July 14, 2010

Catholic Blog Link: Seraphic Singles

Seraphic Singles

or, How You Can Learn to Stop Worrying and Enjoy the Single Life

This blog isn’t just for Catholics, or just for singles, or just for women. It attracts readers from many different stops in their journey. Its author, Dorothy Cummings, writes to help others “to find the dignity and the freedom inherent in being Single.” Her posts range from dealing with going to weddings sans date, to evaluating if a romantic interest is a Godly choice, to nursing a wounded heart, to enjoying all the great things about being single.

Dorothy Cummings is the author of a book of advice for folks who want to learn to revel in their singlehood, entitled The Closet’s All Mine (or Seraphic Singles on the other side of the Atlantic).  I bought it online a few weeks ago, and have yet to read it. (What a bad librarian student I am!)

I find her writings to be very fortifying, especially living as a single Christian woman in today’s unsupportive climate.  She also posts her “Aunty Seraphic” answers to questions from readers occasionally.  This is one my favorite blogs to find during my Google reader countdown, and I can always find something funny and something that rings true on her posts.  I highly recommend giving Seraphic Singles a try.

Some of Seraphic Singles‘ recent posts that I found interesting:

Bless Their Hearts – loving the men in our life (romantically involved ones or otherwise) despite their shortcomings
The Death of Friendship – how friendship is made more dangerous & complicated nowadays
You Don’t Have To – public displays of affection, wedding nights, etc.
Making Friends of the Opposite Sex – why honesty is the best policy



  1. Ooo! Thanks for the shout-out!

  2. You’re welcome! Thanks for doing all that you do!

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