Posted by: Christine | October 19, 2010

Will There Be “Room at the Inn” for Pregnant College Students?

Will There Be “Room at the Inn” for Pregnant College Students?

For moms of pre-born and already-born babies living near Belmont Abbey College, the answer will soon be “YES!” If it comes to fruition, the joint effort of Belmont Abbey College and the Room at the Inn organization will give mothers the opportunity to continue their higher education and will alleviate many of the obstacles to bringing their babies into the world. The Catholic college in North Carolina is currently in the fundraising stage of this new effort that will house 15 mothers and up to 15 infants and 8 toddlers, in addition to professional live-in staff.

Follow the link here for information about this residential facility.

This sounds like an amazing and commonsense service that should be made available at all residential institutions of higher education where it could potentially be useful.  Only a few decades ago, it was common for young Americans to marry in while they were 18-23, the common age for college students.  Nowadays, it seems to be a shun-nable offence to be pregnant before the age of 25 (at least in my neck of the woods), let alone during one’s college years.  When a handful of my friends got married and pregnant shortly after college, our friends thought they were “so young.”

Anyway, I think it’s ultimately very healthy for institutions with many young women to recognize the importance of serving those who are pregnant (whether planned or unplanned) so that they young women can make the best lives possible for themselves and their children.

I hope that Belmont Abbey College succeeds in this endeavor, and I pray that other institutions follow the lead of providing for the needs of mothers and their children.

Have you heard about this pre- and post-natal residential program at Belmont Abbey College, or others like it?  If so, please post a comment.  I want to know if there’s any other information out there about this great possibility.



  1. Good school, great program. know Rutgers had daycare available for students back in the day.

  2. Cool. TCNJ has daycare available as well. I believe Queens College (CUNY) does as well. When I was pre-K, my mom went to Queens College and I went to daycare there. Oh the memories.

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