Posted by: Christine | October 23, 2010

Don’t Give “The Times” the Time of Day

On his public blog, Archbishop Dolan of New York City recently pointed out how The New York Times is often offensive to Catholics and Catholic sensibilities.  He pointed out two recent instances of the paper endorsing anti-Church sentiments.  If similarly offensive caricatures were made against other communities, an outcry would [rightfully] be made.  However, when it’s against the Catholic Church, it seems that anything goes.  Also, Father Benedict Groeschel made remarks on his live EWTN program about his disappointment in the downfall of a once-strong paper and the consistence bias against the Catholic Church.

I, for one, am outraged.  After hearing these reminders, The Times has lost its credibility, in my opinion.  Whenever possible, I avoid using it as a source for news.  Father Benedict Groeschel is a little bit more relaxed: he’ll borrow it from his neighbors, but he won’t spend a dime on The Times.



  1. Yeah, i stay away from them 🙂 as do many, their readership is down by a lot. I stay away from their online version, which is the only way i read them anyway

    • Thanks for your affirmation, Luciana!

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