Posted by: Christine | October 27, 2010

Pope Benedict on St. Elizabeth of Hungary

On Wednesday, October 20th, Pope Benedict XVI talked about St. Elizabeth of Hungary, who is the patron saint of my parish.

First, the Holy Father highlighted how Elizabeth is a role model for leaders and for those who have been given much in this life:

[She] behaved before God as she behaved towards her subjects [and is] a true example for everyone who holds positions of leadership…The exercise of authority at all levels must be practiced as a service to justice and charity, in the constant search for the common good.

Pope Benedict discussed how the marriage between Elizabeth and her husband was mutually-sanctifying and brought “profound happiness” to the family:

Elizabeth helped her spouse to elevate his human qualities to a supernatural level while he, for his part, protected his wife in her generosity towards the poor and in her religious observances. … This is clear testimony of how faith and love for God and for others strengthen family life and make the marriage bond even more profound.

To see a more detailed explanation of Pope Benedict’s audience, visit the Vatican Information Service’s news webpage here.



  1. yay!! my confirmation saint 🙂 I ❤ her thought i didn't make a well-informed choice at the time in 7th grade LOL:)

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