Posted by: Christine | December 2, 2010

Fr. Benedict Groeschel

Thanks to the working of the Holy Spirit, I was able to see Father Benedict Groeschel, in-person, last night!  He had a speaking engagement at St. Anthony of Padua parish in East Northport at 7:30pm on Wednesday night, to promote his book After this Life, dealing with eternity and the afterlife.  I opened my e-mail inbox at 7pm and noticed a friend had sent me an invite to this event.  I gobbled up my dinner and ran out of the house to go see this legendary saint-among-us.

Father is well-known throughout the country, especially in the tri-state area.  He co-founded the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal (aka CFRs), which serves the poor in the inner-cities of Newark, the Bronx, and beyond.  He’s written 30+ books on the faith and on psychology, has made dozens of recordings of his many talks, and holds a doctorate in psychology from Columbia University.  He’s also a familiar face on EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network), where he hosts a program on current events in the faith and does Q&A, Sunday Night Live with Father Benedict Groeschel.

His talk was excellent and fiery as ever.  In general, he’s a very calm speaker, but when certain topics come up, he doesn’t pull his punches (and he oughtn’t).  For instance, Fr. Groeschel is outrages over how The New York Times and other mass media handle news about the Church; he rightly observes that the coverage is subtly (and often not-so-subtly) biased against the Church, clergy, the Pope, and faith and religion in general.  He also spoke about the afterlife, and how we are all brothers and sisters in eternity.  He felt too tired to do a Q&A session, and on his way out of the church, he prompted his audience to sing Immaculate Mary and Holy God, We Praise Thy Name.  I was more than happy to comply 😉 (I love those songs).  Lastly, Father Groeschel prayed with us and gave us a blessing.

I didn’t buy his book, as I had no cash in my wallet, but, undaunted, I waited on line and shook his hand and got to thank him for his inspiration of faithfulness.  This was a truly amazing opportunity and a memorable evening.  Years from now, I’ll be able to recollect how I met a saint in the flesh, and I’ll be ever grateful when I’m reminded of this every time I watch EWTN.  Praise God!



  1. yay:) so blessed to see him:)

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