Posted by: Christine | March 6, 2011

Coffee & Camping Out

Another weekend, another opportunity to catch up on my work for my grad classes, and a little recreational reading, too.

For the last two evenings, I’ve come to the Panera bakery-cafe that’s a quick mile from my home.  Two nights in a row, I’ve coincidentally sat next to the same woman (who was also there by herself on her computer, just like me).  I feel a certain level of camraderie with the weekend (and especially weekend evening) coffee-and-wifi-junkies who populate these establishments during the off-hours.

Personally, I generally choose Panera for my extended study/blog/reading sessions because:
(a) It gets me out of my family’s house (same as the other cafes)
(b) There are unlimited coffee/tea refills, which I can get myself (unlike at Starbucks where I have to ask).
(c) There is plentiful seating, often on my preferred booth-benches.
(d) I can stay as long as I like, because of (b) and (c)
(e) I have a giftcard from Christmas that still has money on it. (Thanks Dad!)
(f) The bakery-cafe is populated enough so that I don’t feel like I’m the only one not working there, but empty enough so there is plenty of breathing room and few teenager groups.

So, readers, what is YOUR preferred hangout to get your work done, and why?  Is it the college library?  A park bench (if you’ve got nice enough weather)? Home  (if you’ve got a relaxed-enough family)? Thoughts?



  1. Ah, Panera, one of the reasons to love the suburbs. 😉

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