Posted by: Christine | June 7, 2011

Fun Summer Updates

What’s new for Christine:

1. My good friend Father H. Todd Carter was ordained to the priesthood of Christ in the Diocese of Trenton over the weekend.  The Ordination Mass was beautiful, and was a testament to God’s love for His Bride, the Church, providing us with such holy young men to do His work.   Moreover, his first Mass was amazing, and he didn’t mess up at all. He will make a great priest.  I’m exceedingly proud of Fr. Todd and so overjoyed for his happiness in his vocation.  God is good!  (If you’re my f/b friend, take a look at the non-stop posts I made on Sunday night).  Please pray for him and all priests.

For more information about the priesthood, or for resources about discerning your vocation (God’s plan for your life, including married life, religious life, the priesthood, etc.), visit  Also, take a look at Fr. Brian Barr’s Long Island Priest for testimonials and an introduction to the priesthood, and see Peter’s Boat for some great homilies and meditations for young adults.

2. I signed on an apartment in Farmingdale/North Massapequa, and I’ll be moving on Saturday July 2nd.  So, if you know any groups of strong young men who can carry furniture with care, in exchange for large amounts of pizza and cake and moderate amounts of beer, please tell me.  Once I’m settled in, I plan to invite folks over for lots of classic movie nights, complete with homemade food and surprise pre-movie Chaplets of Divine Mercy, and other fun stuff (I’m dangerous like that).

3. I did well in my courses.  My only non-A henceforth is for my ridiculous intro to technology course that bored me to pieces, and I still managed with a B+ for minimal studying.  (Note – Don’t get the impression that I’m a lazybones; my other courses have required my most dedicated efforts).

4. I’m trying to get more involved with the local Catholic young adult community in our diocese.  One of my new friends from this group, Trista, is part of a great group of young Catholic gals who blog on issues that affect the faithful of our generation – check out their Bright Maidens page on Facebook.   So, I’ve been going to lots of the events, and I’m hoping to try to help out more with planning and doing social and spiritual things as group….which relates to…

5. At the end of the month, I’m going to Latin Mass (a High Mass!) for the [almost] first time.  (When I was around 10 years old, my dad took me to a local parish, I suspect purely for the nostalgic aspects.)  A new friend invited me and I’m excited to finally experience this particular liturgy.  I’ve been to Byzantine Divine Liturgy twice before, and I’ve been told that it will feel similar to this.  I’m very thankful there will be booklets to follow along with, though!

6. I don’t have Pentecost plans yet.  As I recall, I spent last year in NJ with some Spirit & Truth friends.  I somewhat remember seeing a lot of people dressed in red at St. John’s, so that must’ve been it.  I’d love to go to a parish that feels alive in the Holy Spirit for this special feast.  Any recommendations?



  1. Thanks for the Bright Maidens shout-out! I think our young adult scene is doing well and will continue to grow!

  2. Where are you going to the TLM?

    Going to your very first EF is very exciting. Enjoy! Don’t let yourself worry too much about following along. The books are generally not all that helpful until you learn how to use them. Just absorb the beauty and recognize that the understanding will come in time. You will likely be far too in awe to be concerned with a guide.

    The EF and the Byzantine Divine Liturgy are similar only in beauty and reverence. Praxis is extremely different and you will likely be captivated in an entirely different way.

    Also: If you’re in the area before then, I’d be happy to lend you a veil. You can also consider purchasing one (because chapel veils rock) at

  3. @Trista/notaminx – You’re welcome. It’s such a pleasure to read your blog (sorry it usually takes me a week to get to it on Google reader); it is important to have a thoughtful exchange with folks who actually share our worldview. Thanks for reading, Trista!

    @Anne – Thanks for reading & responding! I’m going to TLM at St. Matthew’s in Dix Hills on Long Island. They have a TLM every Sunday in their chapel, but this particular upcoming TLM will be a High Mass and will be followed by a Eucharistic procession, which is awesome. What does “Praxis” mean in this context? Also, I’d love to borrow a veil if you’re going to WOT this month in Linden. I really appreciate your offer. Miss you lots!

  4. Thank you for your comment on my blog! I found yours through it and am your newest follower 🙂 I love how it’s so full of truth!!
    In response to your comment:
    Good luck on your move! Ours is 5 weeks away and I can’t wait until it’s just done. If you have ground space I’d recommed The Square Foot Garden. I know several people who have done it and it’s super rewarding! Other than that I have to say I know squat. We seriously just bought a bunch of seeds from Walgreens on clearance and just decided to plant them on a whim just for fun since the weather is right. This late in the season most anything that grows fast should work. Our carrots and green onions are doing great! So is our basil and our one pumpkin! Also- go for sunflowers if you have a big/tall enough pot. Those grow super fast. I also have a friend in New York and her potatoes did great! There’s a post on my blog about it:

    Good luck and let me know how the move and the garden turned out!

  5. Thank you, Mariana. Sorry it took wayyyy too long to get back to you – I got buried in too much stuff in the move and it slipped my mind. I didn’t end up gardening this year, aside from my indoor basil and one indoor orchid. How did your summer go?

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