Posted by: Christine | November 20, 2011

Love Revolution – and subway craziness

Today I had the joy of going to a Love Revolution conference, hosted by the Archdiocese of New York, at the church of Our Lady of Good Counsel on 90th Street.  It was co-sponsored by the Sisters of Life (yay!), so I got to see some of the Sisters and some new postulants.  They are so happy & beautiful!  Also, I got to see some friends at the conference, and go to Mass & confession!  Score!

The conference was beautiful, and had three talks:

1. Generation Life – Enthusiastic young adults speaking about how they address chastity and life issues with teens.

2. Anna Halpine – Young adult founder of World Youth Alliance, spoke about life issues worldwide, and how programs are being developed that seek to educate women about their bodies and help them to make good decisions for themselves and their families (not just throwing condoms or hormonal birth control at them).  She also talked about the frightening prospect of the Philippines adopting a population control policy.

3. Father Roger Landry – This engaging preacher spoke about Theology of the Body issues, Blessed JPII, and how we humans are called to love others selflessly if we want to fully become who we are meant to be.


After the conference, I did some exploring.  First, I spent a couple of hours in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, mostly exploring their European paintings collections.  I noticed they had two beautiful impressive paintings by El Greco that I hadn’t noticed before (on account I wasn’t familiar with his work last time I was there).  Since it’s a “suggested donation” for admission, I elected to donate a small portion of the recommended value; I got an unhappy look from the ticket clerk.  But hey, I’m a poor student.

Next, I took the subway downtown to visit my dad at work at night.  I tried to take the 6 down directly to Canal Street, but I had to change onto the (Q, N, R, maybe) at Union Square for one last stop due to construction.  On that one last leg (between one stop and another), a hullabaloo arose.  It was a pretty crowded subway car, and I was on one end of it.  In the middle, there was some shouting, but I thought it was just someone performing trying to pass around a hat.  A minute later, people were yelling “stop” because apparently, it was sort of fight going on, because one fight-prone guy had gotten disproportionately offended when another guy on the train did something.  Lots of yelling (on the part of my fellow passengers) ensued, including my own (very loud) shouts of “stop” and “who do you think you are…fighting on this train, and “do it on your own time in your own place” (ok, that one was a bit mean), as well as my urging the male passengers next to me to stop the fight.  To his credit, one of the three men next to me reluctantly proceeded to the middle of the train car, and talked down one of the guys from fighting.  Thank you, Mr. Stranger who broke up the fight at my teacherly insistence, for being a man.  The fight mostly stopped when the train arrived at the Canal Street station.  Arriving at the station, I stood in the sliding doorway for a good minute to try to spot an official/cop of some kind, but there were none.   I was the last one trying to keep the door open, so I asked the guy (victim? who had gotten pushed around by the other guy) if he was getting out.  Since he said “no” and seemed (oddly)  a-ok, I left and went to the restaurant where my dad works.

[Note – the subway fight freaked me out because I’ve seen The Incident, and I never want to be a bystander in that level of a situation, nor a victim.  Hence, I should take up karate].

I had a nice little dinner and got to talk to my dad a bit; they had a decent-sized crowd of 20-something lawyers regaling each other with the finer points of a trial.  Kinda felt like L&O-ish.

After leaving my dad’s work, I stepped out towards Canal Street and who should I spot?  Three CFRs (Franciscan Friars of the Renewal)!  I walked right up to them and introduced myself, and I ended up travelling with them on the subway until we got to stations where we all departed.  It was such a nice breath of fresh air to see them (as well as their parents (so sweet!) and their friend). The CFRs have a beautiful ministry in the city with the poor and with young people as well, and the witness of these men is amazing.  Praise God!

So, I suppose my subway travels ended up a net positive.  The Friars cancelled out the fight, and then some.

Tomorrow I’m going to hang out with my Grandma, then go to St. Rose of Lima for 5:15 Youth Mass with Father Briar Barr.  All are welcome (to St. Rose, not my Grandma’s, at least not without notice).


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