Posted by: Christine | January 10, 2012

Book Review: “Sinner” by Lino Rulli

SinnerSinner: The Catholic Guy’s funny, feeble attempts to be a faithful Catholic by Lino Rulli

Lino Rulli, the host of “The Catholic Guy” radio show, writes this easy-to-read book of anecdotes about his life as a sinner trying to get to heaven (just like most of us Catholics). He uses wit, knowledge of his faith, and a great sense of humor to weave a tale of his coming-of-age and adulthood. This book is a great read for Catholics who have a sense of humor, and for anyone who enjoys humorous memoirs.

Rulli’s memories include everything from joining his father’s sideshow business to conversing with a Thai prostitute to coping with his crazy Italian family. He’s not ashamed that his heroes include not only the predictable (Blessed Pope John Paul II), but the endearing (his mom), and the unexpected (Howard Stern).

It would be difficult *not* to relate to Rulli, as he opens up honestly about his own insecurities and Promethean (or so he describes) efforts at living a life of holiness.

He’s funny, seriously.

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  1. Okay, I was interested until I got to the words Howard and Stern.

  2. @Freddy – Don’t worry, this book is orthodox. It’s legit.

  3. It’s officially been a year since your last post. I’m just sayin’.

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